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British grams, Novel Medicine 1000 Chain layout help

5 years to open thousands of chain. This figure may at first sound will feel a little surprised. From 100 stores to 1000 stores, five years to achieve Why? However, this repeated the miracle business, this figure is not exaggerated. As the first of Jilin province in the Nasdaq-listed pharmaceutical company, Novel Medicine is a step by step to achieve with his 1000 chain strategy.

Pharmaceutical industry dark horse

Novel Medicine, founded in 1993, but the early start small-scale pharmaceutical wholesale and retail business. After ten years of development, has become a collection of Novel health products research and development production, drug distribution, retail chain, logistics and pharmaceutical companies as one group, the formation of a complete pharmaceutical distribution, logistics and distribution, retail chain, R & D production pharmaceutical supply chain management system. At present, the Novel, which owns 8 wholly-owned subsidiary, employs more than 1,000 in 2007, success in the U.S. capital market, becoming the first overseas-listed Jilin medical distribution companies.

From a small wholesale companies to group companies, from the self-development model to aid the rapid expansion of foreign capital, the rise in the Northeast market in Yongxin, is gradually growing into the leading enterprises in Northeast China.

1000 Chain layout

In 2001, Yongxin established pharmacy chain, retail chain operations through drugs into the pharmaceutical sales field terminal. Up to now, worked in Changchun, Jilin Province, Hakusan City, Tianjin set up 93 chain pharmacies.

In 2005, the Novel and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shenzhen, Maxim chain management Ltd, made Maxim (Medicine shopp) Jilin exclusive franchise dealership, building "Maxim Novel" professional pharmacy.

March 2007, Yong Xin Pharmaceutical Group invested a large pharmacy chain Tianjin Yongxin Co., Ltd., has opened in Tianjin more than 20 chain stores.

June 14, 2007, Yong Xin Pharmaceutical Group acquired White Mountain Grass On Tong Medicine Co., a unit of more than 20 chain stores, including: White Mountain 14, Riverside 7, 6 Jiang Yuan, a clinic and the headquarters of all chain assets, but also incorporated all the staff, which absorbed the merger of the Church of Traditional Chinese Medicine Jilin Province Kusayasu chain Co., Ltd., established grass Ando Novel Jilin Pharmaceutical Chain Co., Ltd.. Currently the number of stores has grown to more than 40.

Novel large pharmacy chain Medicine for three consecutive years topped China's list hundred, in the overseas listing of a large group context, chain-store business in the Group's strategic development is increasingly prominent. Yongxin Liu, chairman of the new medicine had "Chinese Economic News" reporter clearly said: "The Novel in the next 5-year business plan, the chain pharmacies will undoubtedly be the highlight of the development, including the opening of China to 1,000 retail pharmacies, and plans to open several pharmacies in the United States to promote traditional Chinese medicine. "

Supporting Information

Novel chain in the back of rapid expansion, can not do without the support of information technology.

Novel medicine early on recognized the importance of information technology for information technology investment, the chairman Liu Yongxin this way, "information technology investment is not simple expenditures, but should be regarded as an 'investment', on the Wing The new group, this is a business value, and from which we get in return. information can effectively improve management efficiency, significant savings in logistics and distribution link and the time required for a faster development in the future, companies seeking , the high concentration of information in order to achieve the investment security, control and effective results, such a core system is very necessary. and have such a system, whether to end or upstream business, is the increase in value. "

"British Medical gram information technology field as the first brand that we choose as a partner British grams of the primary factor." Liu said the new chairman of the board.

"They are the framework can effectively support the rapid expansion of stores." Information Department Manager Li Yongxin, said, "They are based on a unified software architecture, the new stores opened, the information system can be deployed to ensure the normal operation of new stores and operating data and timely feedback. Our Information Department staff stores no longer need a run, just networking can be maintained. "

"Group of applications that we choose the British grams of another very important reason." Liu Yongxin said. As a group, Novel chain business and group production, distribution, logistics are inextricably linked, if the information system is not integrated, so will cause a lot of data duplication will affect managerial decision making. "Well now, through the existing ERP systems, can comprehensive understanding of the operation chain, but also to understand the operation of the entire group."

"Cheap." Expensive compared to software such as foreign fees, reasonable prices and the British grams of high quality service has won praise from customers. Novel information manager has a fairly detailed accounts. The present structure, the store no longer in accordance with the database, and save the cost of purchasing the database, save the information department personnel installation, commissioning, maintenance labor costs; stores without distribution server, and general PC, can the , significantly lower hardware costs; maintenance process, no longer need to run a family store, to save time, transportation costs are neglected, the Ministry of Information staff can focus on data analysis to do the work.

Information is the means, but not all. To effective implementation of the chain expansion strategy, but also effective management team, in line with market strategy. And the expansion is always an opportunity to co-exist with the trap way, Liu profound new understanding of this and said that the rapid development of Yongxin will build on the basis of steady efforts to improve ourselves. Medicine 1000 Yongxin Road to the chain.

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